1. AfSBT – SADC Regional meeting 29 August 2017 at Sun City: Read Flyer
  2. Farewell Card for Beryl Armstrong from the AfSBT family Farewell Card to Beryl
  3. Review of AfSBT Standards Documents – public comment requested [AfSBT Standards Guidance document] | [AfSBT Step-Wise Accreditation Standards]
  4. Vacancies: AfSBT Human Resource & Remuneration Committee, and AfSBT Audit & Risk Committee: Downlaod Full Announcements for [Human Resource & Remuneration] And [Audit & Risk ]
  5. AfSBT Assessors’ Training Course, September 2017: Read [English] | [French]
  6. 2016 AfSBT Annual Report: [Click to view]
  7. The new LinkedIn group of IDTM/MTM is online. You can follow or add posts by clicking on the following [IDTM link]
  8. 11th Arab Blood Transfusion Congress [announcement]
  9. The Global Picture in Blood Transfusions: A Quick Overview by Jim MacPherson – see Education Tab, Blood Collections:[Click to view article]
  10. Volunteer: prepared to assist in African blood services [Click to view pdf link]
  11. AABB Annual Meeting: http://www.aabb.org/annual-meeting/pages/default.aspx
  12. Information on Zika virus: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/zika/en/