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The AfSBT has developed and Implemented an electronic register of experts officially known as the Consultant’s Register. The Society wishes to call on members to register as experts that can be called on or contracted to perform tasks on behalf of the AfSBT. All interested members in various fields of expertise in the area of Blood Transfusion/Safety and related fields can register as Consultants through the System which is now available on the AfSBT website.
To register as a Consultant, Visit AfSBT website

  • Point the mouse to Consultants and click register
  • A registration form will open and fill in the details and click ‘Create my account’
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    11th Arab Blood Transfusion Congress

    The National Center of Blood Transfusion and Hematology In partnership with
    The Moroccan Society of Blood Transfusion

    Organizes the 11th Arab Blood Transfusion Congress
    Marrakech 10, 11 and 12 October 2017

    Dear all,
    The National Center of Blood Transfusion and Hematology In partnership with
    The Moroccan Society of Blood Transfusion

    Organizes the 11th Arab Blood Transfusion Congress
    Marrakech 10, 11 and 12 October 2017

    Dear all,
    We are pleased to inform you that, The National Center of Blood Transfusion and Hematology (CNTSH), in partnership with the Moroccan Society of Blood Transfusion SMTS organizes the 11th Arab Blood Transfusion Congress, which main theme will be “Ethics and Blood Safety”, and will take place in Marrakech, from 10 to 12 October 2017.

    The scientific conference, with the participation of researchers and specialists in various disciplines of blood transfusion from Arab countries and other countries of the world aims to highlight the status of research and management in blood transfusion and to update research exchanges, to promote the transfer of technological and managerial expertise.

    On the program of this event, plenary conference, brief oral and poster communications, symposia and working meetings in committee are planned.

    We invite you to participate massively in this congress and to spread it widely to your colleagues and contacts who would be interested.

    For further information, please download the attached documents: Arab congress annoucement And Genral Information And Congress programme

    Registration is online on our website:
    Organizing Committee

    E-mail :

    Regional election results

    As you are all aware regional elections were held late last year. The results, as presented to the AfSBT Board, follow for your information.
    Chairman: Philip Olatunji, Nigeria – assumed office on 1 Feb 2017
    Chairman Elect: Mavis Okyere, Ghana – will assume office in 2020
    Chairman Elect: Thomas Muyombo, Rwanda – will assume office after the 2018 congress
    Chairman Elect: Solomuzi Ngcobo, South Africa – will assume office after the 2018 congress
    Chairman Elect: Sylvain Yuma Ramazani, DRC – assumed office on 1 Feb 2017
    Chairman Elect: Hmida Slama, Tunisia – assumed office on 1 Feb 2017

    [Research]: Cours de Sécurité transfusionnelle Institut Pasteur Paris 2017

    La prochaine session du mini-cours de «Sécurité transfusionnelle infectieuse» aura lieu à l’Institut Pasteur à Paris le 9-19 mai 2017. Ce cours est vise a tout docteur en medecine, PhD ou technologiste de haut niveau travaillant dans la transfusion et désireux d’entreprendre ou de poursuivre des travaux de recherche dans le domaine de la sécurité transfusionnelle. Chaque matin les conferences font le point sur la medecine transfusionelle et les methodes de la recherche clinique, et pendant les travaux pratiques chaque apres midi, chaque etudiant ecrit son propre protocole de recherche sous la direction des professeurs. Grace aux bourses recus par le cours, les frais d’inscription et le billet d’avion seront pris en charge pour tout candidat admis dans le cours. Chaque candidat est invite à déposer leur dossier selon les modalités qui sont détaillées sur le site [Click to view link]. Les candidatures sont à déposer avant le 26 janvier 2017, date de la clôture des inscriptions. Les responsables du cours restent bien entendu à votre disposition et à celle des postulants pour répondre à toute interrogation.
    A two-week short course entitled “Securite Transfusionelle Infectieuse” and given in French, will be held at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, May 9 – 19 2017. The intended audience includes medical doctors, PhD’s and senior technicians working in transfusion medicine and who wish to learn how to accomplish their own research projects. The course includes morning lectures on the current state-of-the-art in transfusion medicine and clinical research methodology, as well as afternoon workshops during which each trainee writes their own 5-6 page research protocol with mentorship from the course faculty. Scholarship funds cover a round-trip airline ticket and tuition fees for each accepted trainee; trainees must fund their own accommodation and living expenses in Paris. Applications must be submitted online at the following website:
    The deadline for application is January 26, 2017; any questions should be directed to the professors listed on the website.

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