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Good Documentation Practices (AfSBT)

SOP 02 Guidelines for Acceptance & Deferral of Blood Donors

SOP 03 Donor Registration

SOP 05 Haemoglobin screen using the copper sulphate test

SOP 06 Haemoglobin measurement using the HemoCue

SOP 07 Pre donation measurement of pulse and blood pressure

SOP 08 Pre donation measurement of donors body weight

SOP 09 Collecting a blood donation

SOP 10 Treatment of adverse reactions related to blood donation

SOP 11 Predonation counseling

SOP 12 Post donation counseling of TTI-Reactive Donors

SOP 13 Haemoglobin deferral criteria

SOP 27 Hepatitis B Immunization of employees accidentally exposed to blood or blood components

SOP 28 Routine cleaning of work surfaces and managing blood spillages

SOP 29 Waste Disposal