AfSBT Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee of the Board of AfSBT met 1-2 December in Johannesburg, S. Africa. Members of the Committee are: the President, Prof. Dora Mbanya; the President Elect, Dr. Faten Moftah; Mrs. Natasha Nsamala, the Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee; Mr. Dumisani Ndebele, Chair of the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee; and Executive Members, Mr. Mervyn Burton, the Finance Director and the Managing Director.  The Board meeting or Executive Committee meeting is usually held at this time in order to review progress and challenges faced during the year as well as approve budgets and key activities for the ensuing year. Reports on the Arusha congress were also discussed, and recommendations were positively considered. A recommendation on the appointment of the new Managing Director was made to the Board and Dr. Mohammed Farouk subsequently received unanimous support. 

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