The first AfSBT baseline assessment in a Portuguese-speaking country

From the 27th October to the 3rd November 2018, the AfSBT conducted a training on AfSBT Standards and a baseline assessment of the SENASA (National blood service) of Maputo in Mozambique. This training and the baseline assessment were held in Maputo following a formal application of SENASA to the AfSBT Accreditation programme. The scope of the assessment included two collection sites (fixed and mobile), one testing area, one component production area, the quality system and the inventory system. Prior to the assessment itself, two day’s training was provided to 21 staff, among which were the top management, the quality manager, and the medical director. The training was successful for 19 staff (91%). The baseline assessment identified major and minor negative findings as well as positive findings from which the assessors developed a gap analysis and a suggested a work plan towards certification at step 1.

This is the first ever AfSBT baseline assessment conducted in Portuguese. AfSBT hired the service of an experienced translator, who first translated the keys document in Portuguese (AfSBT Standards, Chart of Compliance, Power-point presentations, agendas, certificates) and also translated simultaneously the oral presentations and the questions from both sides throughout the assessment.

This is a new and historic achievement for the AfSBT as it is the first experience of implementation of the AfSBT Step-Wise Accreditation Programme in its third official language. I want to thank all the staff of SENASA, particularly the Managing Director, Dr. Sara Salimo, the AABB, the CDC, Ms. Julia dos Santos, my colleague Dr. Swaibu Gatare, and all those who contributed to a smooth baseline assessment in Maputo, Mozambique.

Prof. Claude Tayou
AfSBT Accreditation Manager-Francophone and Lead assessor

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