The AfSBT Management Office is a virtual office. Staff members work from their home country and communicate with each other via email, teleconferencing, internet, and infrequently, by attending in-person meetings.

Dr Mohammed Farouk

AfSBT Managing Director

Based in Egypt

Dr Heidi Goubran

AfSBT Communications Manager

Based in Egypt

Dr Jean-Baptiste Tapko

AfSBT Education Manager – Francophone

Based in Cameroon

Ms Molly Gondwe

AfSBT Administration

Based in Malawi

Dr Claude Tayou-Tagny

AfSBT Accreditation Manager – Francophone

Based in Cameroon

Dr Swaibu Katare

AfSBT Education Manager – Anglophone

Based in Rwanda


Mr Edmund Petersen

AfSBT Chief Financial Officer

Based in South Africa

Message from AfSBT President

Dear friends and colleagues;


I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you who voted for me to be the president of the present term. Without your support and believing in me, I wouldn’t have had this golden chance. I promise all of you to continue the great job that Dora has done, and to be up to your expectations. I intend to work closely with the AfSBT board and office to;

  • Realize more educational activities.
  • Explore opportunities for accreditation of more blood services in African countries.
  • Increase the society’s memberships.
  • Networking with many peer organizations.
  • Improve and enrich the website.
  • Create dynamic interactive communications between members and society.
  • Engage more colleagues in these activities.
  • Put emphasis on the regulatory aspects in blood transfusion.
  • Making PDMPs more available.
  • Continue our approach of being a real pan African organization covering Anglo, Franco, and Lusophone countries.


It will be greatly appreciated if the members engage with the AfSBT board and office in supporting our society. Your feedback with new ideas, critical thinking to the content of the website, share in educational events, sending important documents to be shared with other African countries, recruiting new members, etc.


I sincerely thank you and looking forward to a fruitful presidency term.


Faten Moftah

AfSBT President