General Information on Memberships
• The year of membership runs according to calendar year. Fees paid during the year apply only to that year of payment.
• Fees, that are relevant during the year of an AfSBT congress, remain the same for the following year, so that individual members are able to pay for two years whilst at the congress.
• Membership fees must be paid in full and bank charges borne by the member.
• Lapsed members do not enjoy the benefits applicable to members in good standing. However, lapsed members, who pay their annual fee, are reinstated without the need for back payments to cover years during which their status was lapsed.
• Not more than two years’ membership may be taken at a time. Before making payment, the fee applicable to the two years in question must be confirmed with AfSBT to avoid a shortfall in payment.
• Membership fees are reviewed every two years, by the AfSBT board, and members are advised by email of fees applicable. Next Fee review date by AfSBT Board of Directos will be during November 2019
Benefits of AfSBT Memberships : 

Includes honorary members
1. Entitled to vote during general meetings of AfSBT
2. Monthly e-newsletters
3. Email notification when Africa Sanguine is released online
4. Online access to full contents of Africa Sanguine
5. Online access to educational materials
6. On e-mailing list of news related to the field of blood transfusion
7. Access to member content on AfSBT website including
8. Access to AfSBT standards and guidance documents
9. Access to Quality Management System documents
10. Access to the ISBT Academy ePortal (incl. congress webcasts and presentations)
11. Eligibility to join AfSBT committees
12. Eligibility to register as AfSBT consultant
13. Eligibility to be selected and trained as AfSBT assessor or educator in Step-Wise accreditation Programme
14. Early registration discount for AfSBT congresses!!
15. Provides the opportunity to post academic papers on AfSBT website
16. Receipt of AfSBT new member welcome/ orientation kit
17. Young researchers exchange programmes
18. On the job training opportunities
19. Accumulation of credits for attending AfSBT Congress
20. Eligibility to be chosen as AfSBT country representatives
21. AfSBT T-shirt when attending AfSBT congress
22. Award for 10, 20 and 30-year membership milestones (nature of award to be decided)
23. Reduced membership fees if paid 2 years’ fees in advance
Honorary members do not pay membership fees
Individual membership fee – African countries : USD 40.00/annum
Individual membership fee – overseas countries : USD 60.00/annum

Blood Transfusion Services/Societies and Blood Donor Organisations/Societies in Africa
1. Networking with transfusion leaders in Africa, through attendance at meetings and also through the website.
2. Helping to keep abreast with developments and thus avoiding duplication of effort and the waste of valuable resources.
3. Access to technical experts with a good understanding of the blood transfusion field in Africa.
4. Access to a forum for determining training and technical assistance needs in African countries.
5. Credibility when advocating for better and safer transfusion practices; and when advocating for 
funding to implement solutions.
6. An opportunity for mentoring and developing promising young scientists in the field.
7. Opportunity to participate in the setting of “Standards of Practice” and thus increase quality, 
safety and access to blood components.
8. Keeping current with changes to Standards, and other policies.
9. Preferential benefits to exhibit at AfSBT congresses.
10. Representative member pays the discounted member registration fee for AfSBT congresses.
11. Representative member has a vote during annual general meetings of AfSBT.
12. Monthly e-newsletters.
13. Listing in Africa Sanguine and on the AfSBT website.
14. Link on the AfSBT website to the Associate Member’s website.
15. Africa Sanguine is emailed on publication.
16. Provides the opportunity to submit press releases, reports and advertise job vacancies and internal events free of charge on AfSBT website and in the monthly e-Newsletter.
17. Accelerated Accreditation process
18. Reduced Accreditation fees
19. Reduced individual membership fees for individual members of the organization
20. Access to advocacy visits upon request
Associate membership fee – African countries : Free
Associate membership fee – overseas countries : USD 400.00/annum

Commercial and not for profit companies
1. Monthly e-newsletters
2. Listing in Africa Sanguine and on the AfSBT website
3. Link on the AfSBT website to the Corporate Member’s website
4. Africa Sanguine is emailed on publication
5. Permission to announce corporate membership on the company website
6. Priority to sponsor AfSBT events and congresses
7. Improved access to African market
Corporate membership fee : USD 500.00/annum