Name Country Position/ Area of Expertise
Saliou Diop


Senegal Director General CNTS Senegal; Professor of Hematology
Anani Ludovic Benin Head of NBTS, Cotonou
Martin Smid Netherlands Director Academic Institute IDTM Managing Director Sanquin Consulting Services, Netherlands
Sekongo Yassongui Côte d’Ivoire Hematologist DEA Human and Tropical Biology Transfusion Therapy Unit National Blood Transfusion Center – Abidjan
Imelda Bates UK Professor in Clinical Tropical Haematology – Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Magdy El Ekiaby


Egypt Head of Blood Transfusion & Hemophilia Centre, Shabrawishi Hospital, Cairo, Egypt
Fátima Nascimento Portugal Senior Consultant in Transfusion Medicine, Lisbon

              NON-VOTING MEMBERS

Name Country Position/ Area of Expertise
Mohammed Farouk Egypt AfSBT Accreditation Manager – Anglophone