The mission of the Africa Society for Blood Transfusion (AfSBT) is to advocate for the highest ethical and professional standards and skills in blood transfusion across the African continent, enabling safe, universally accessible and sustainable national blood programmes in participating countries.

The AfSBT will achieve its intended Mission through the implementation of a range of support­ing Strategic Objectives. These objectives include:

    • Developing and supporting the implementation of the AfSBT Step-wise Accreditation Programme that endorses operating standards of the highest quality for the
    • practice of blood transfusion and takes cognisance of the disparate states of development of blood services in Africa.
    • Developing and making available in Africa, the AfSBT Education and Training Programme that is appropriate for the practice of blood transfusion at international standard; courses are based on distance learning and e-learning technology and complement the AfSBT Step-wise Accreditation Programme.
    • Designing and establishing distance learning technology to support and disseminate the education programmes and communication platforms of AfSBT.
    • Advocating improved blood programmes in African countries, to national authorities, international organisations, and other support groups.
    • Communicating and sharing information related to blood transfusion and relevant to the African region.


    • Inclusivity: AfSBT values diversity and ensures that all members feel included, involved and engaged
    • Integrity: AfSBT holds itself up to the highest professional and ethical standards
    • Innovation: AfSBT catalyses change, encourages and supports research, looks for better ways, methods and means to deliver value
    • Interest: AfSBT is passionate about blood transfusion and blood safety. It engages and embraces all stakeholders who share this passion and call to service
    • Improvement: AfSBT gets better all the time. AfSBT is always seeking to do better
    • Impartation: AfSBT thinks generationally and seeks to develop generations of professionals and practitioners