AfSBT Research Programme

The AfSBT coordinates and promotes research activities within African blood services. In 2008, the AfSBT appointed a Research Coordinator who chairs the established AfSBT Research and Ethics committee

AfSBT Research Policy

The AfSBT developed its research policy that provides a framework for coordinating and promoting research activities for AfSBT. The AfSBT Research Policy directions are:

  • encourages conduct of appropriate research.
  • providing guidance, and to promoting and publicising the research.
  • encourages the creation of a research infrastructure within each national blood service.
  • Encourages research collaborations nationally, regionally and internationally.
  • upholds the conduct of ethical research.
  • Encourages implemention of the current AfSBT research priorities

The Policy is available on AfSBT Members Only section.


AfSBT Research and Ethics Committee

The AfSBT Regional Research Coordinators constitute the AfSBT Research and Ethics Committee that is chaired by the AfSBT Research Coordinator. The current members are:

  • AfSBT Research Coordinator (Chairperson): Dr. Tonderai Mapako (Zimbabwe)
  • AfSBT Regional Research Coordinators:
  • EAC: Ms. Irene Orgut (Kenya)
  • ECOWAS: Dr. Titi Adeyemo (Nigeria)
  • SADC: Mrs. Catherine Jakata (Botswana)ECCAS: TBA


AfSBT Research Priority Areas

Here are the current AfSBT research priorities.

Research Training Opportunities and reports

  • Final report of T-REC project published by EU:
  • MESSAGE: International Society of Blood Transfusion: “I TRY IT”
    • At the 33rd ISBT Congress in Seoul, the Transfusion-Transmitted Infectious Disease (TTID) Working Party (WP) discussed the development of a new initiative for young investigators. The objective is to further refine research readiness and provide an overview of key skills that will advance research ability for young investigators. The vision for the initiative is to provide participants a setting where they can discuss new ideas with TTID experts, learn principles of TTID research and scientific studies in general, and reinforce these ideas with a practical aspect focused on writing a research protocol.
    • TTID Research – Young Investigator Training – at a glance [Click to view pdf]
    • TTID Research – Young Investigator Training – OVERVIEW [Click to view pdf]

AfSBT Research Publications

PhD Thesis based on African based studies

AfSBT Collaborating Centre for Research

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Researchers Online Forum

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AfSBT Research Network

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