To all our researchers in Africa,
Africa Sanguine hereby invites you to submit papers related to COVID-19 and blood transfusion in Africa.
The paper must be related to COVID-19 and how it affects any part of the vein-to-vein process of blood transfusion in Africa. The paper may be either be an original research report, letter, review, or an opinion piece from experiences relevant to your region. The recommended word limit for original research is 3500-4500 words and for letters, reviews and opinion pieces are 1000-2000 words, excluding abstract and references. Exceptions to these word limits will be considered when discussed with the Editor-in-Chief.
All manuscripts will undergo peer-review as per the policy of Africa Sanguine, however, the peer-review process will be expedited. All manuscripts will be available as open access, without a publication fee.
For any questions, please email the Editor-in-Chief, Claire Barrett at